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If your business doesn't already have a blog, it's advised that you start one. But it isn't just for writing up whatever posts suit you from day to day. They need to be optimized so they actually help your site. With just a few quick tweaks, you can fix your existing blog posts and improve your future posts so they bring in new visitors to your site. Unfortunately, many bloggers miss out on the marketing potential of their blogs. In fact,...

The FTC, or Federal Trade Comission, has cracked down on social media marketing in the last few years. They're the reason you see #Ad or #Sponsored on your favorite influencers' post as you scroll through your feed. If you thought you could keep posting and working with influencers on social media however you liked, here's some unfortunate news. The FTC is watching and will take action if they see brands or influencers breaking the rules. So what are the rules exactly?...