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Modern SEO

USA based modern technical seo with benchmarks, deliverables, and reporting that works for small businesses to enterprise.

The New Process

In the middle of 2019 we decided to further improve our seo campaign structure. We now offer a flexible approach that allows the client & us to quickly modify campaigns within days (not months). Choose one month to do a site analysis and the next month we could work on Schema & Technicals. It is up to you. The more units you purchase every month the more work we can effect. Small businesses usually hang around 1 unit ($1000) a month and enterprises spend 3 units ($3000) or more per month. Give us a call for a free seo consultation to determine what your goals are and what it would take to make that happen. [1.0 unit = $1,000]



Choose the # of units that work with your budget



Choose monthly or AFAP (as fast as possible) for your campaign execution



We execute the workload (code, craft, design, and execute)



We return, report, provide deliverables and discuss next steps

SEO Products

Modern Link Building

Links are dead for the sake of just having links. We focus on top quality placements only, usually with content creation and paid sponsorship.

Unit(s): 1.0

Keyword Campaign

A brand new approach that combines a bunch of our prior services. It is an efficient campaign that focuses on one keyword.

Unit(s): 1.0

Schema & Technicals

We work with your team to implement JSON, schema, micro-schema, GTM, AMP, etc.

Unit(s): 1.0

Back-Link Audit

Usually done quarterly to monitor your back-links to identify black hat attacks and potential sites that are harming your SERP rankings

Unit(s): 1.0

PR & Content

A great way to supplement your single keyword campaign for those ultra difficult keywords. You will receive 4 high quality articles...

Unit(s): 1.0


This will help you become compliant with federal accessibility laws and it benefits your SEO. We analyze all pages of your website and find every possible error/warning/notice.

Unit(s): 1.0

Site Analysis

This project is recommended once per quarter for smaller websites and monthly for larger page sites. It looks at technical errors, a site-map analysis, accessibility, and code compliance.

Unit(s): 1.0

SEO Consulting

This is a specific campaign that can be ordered separately from your usual contract at $250 per hour. It includes prep time, meeting time of one hour, and post meeting wrap up.

Unit(s): 0.25


All campaigns are based on one geographic region. If you require International tracking and separate work execution, please contact us for a custom quote.

Unit(s): 0.25

Local & Brand

This is ideal for companies looking to improve their local search based results, Google map results or brand recognition results.

Unit(s): 1.0

Social Engagement

Social drives traffic and plays a role in SEO but more for lead generation. We therefore interact with your social media using our various employees accounts (all legitimate accounts of our employees).

Unit(s): 0.5

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