Many are saying SEO is dead, but we at Got.Media beg to differ. In fact, we believe SEO is still one of the most important factors when it comes to the discussion about how to drive views and capture engagement. It’s so far from dead, in fact, that you should already have a plan in place for Enterprise SEO In 2019. Still don’t believe in SEO? That’s fine, there’s still plenty of time for us to change your mind.

Plan For SEO In 2019

Build An Enterprise SEO Plan


Why Would We Believe This?


Because we’ve watched the changing face of SEO, and we plan to change with it.


We’ve seen how SEO has grown with the times, and we plan to grow with it.


In today’s era of hyper-connectivity where research and discovery are literally just a few keystrokes or button swipes away, the emphasis is less about overpowering quantity and more about providing value with quality. White-Hat approaches to SEO that rely on thoughtful content and open discussion are the new wave of evolutionary change that will attract clicks and customers in the coming decades.


Because of this, all of the relevant metrics for success have begun to change as well. Keyword Targeting is still relevant, but now it’s more about proper phrasing and intuitive questioning. Length and structure will always be an issue, as modern white-hatting practices mean longer articles featuring fully fleshed ideas supported by interlinking chains of articles that build stories or teach concepts. Meta tagging is still important, but now search engines are starting to ignore redundancies or repetitiveness in favor of short and long tail search phrases. As the metrics grow and change, so, too, must the platforms that measure them and the users that build with them.


You (and your agency) Should Have An Enterprise SEO Plan in 2019, and here’s why:


  • It Will Improve Your Visibility and Ranking – SEO Analytics Platforms discover and negotiate with the social variables (like web presence) that have the greatest impact when it comes to site rankings and relevance. From keyword competitiveness analyzers to competitor ranking comparisons, these tools can be used to enhance and target your campaign content to improve its visibility and effectiveness.


  • You’ll Greatly Enhance Your Organizational And Managerial Control  – Data-centric dashboards will help you track analytics and spread engagement across a wide range of social media and digital spaces. Automated management tools will free up more of your time by repeating tedious reporting functions.


  • They Help Integrate E-Commerce Platforms – E-commerce platforms are everywhere these days, and it seems like every big E-business agency has its’ own integration application (or widget). Having an ESEO plan will ensure that your content is properly tagged, cataloged, and visible regardless of that platform on which it appears.


  • ESEO Plans Help Establish Valuable Brands – Part of having a smart ESEO plan means more than just keyword tracking and competitor analysis. Understanding the full scope of social presence, understanding the value of organic search performance metrics, and establishing a forward-thinking content marketing strategy are all important parts of the many-tiered process. A plan will help you stay on track, and a platform will help you decipher the metrics.


  • Backlick Tiering/Tracking, International Data, Mobile Statistics (which, yes, differ from a web browser or console browser’s statistics), Influencer Statistics, and many, many more……


Will I Need An SEO Platform or Agency To Take Advantage of SEO?


SEO Platforms Help You Understand Metrics

Capturing And Measuring Metrics Guarantees Your Bottom-Line


The long and short answer to this question is: “Not necessarily to start, but at some point: Yes”. Full disclosure, the modern scope of digital marketing and the subsequent scale of data means almost any sized agency will not be able to benefit fully from SEO without utilizing an analytics-based SEO platform (or going through a 3rd party SEO agency). As far as SEO discovery goes, there is no finer solution for gathering all of the important digital metrics your agency will find valuable over the course of its’ life.


SEO is still a thriving and important part of establishing an online digital presence. The metrics haven’t changed, but the face of the game is changing as rapidly as the proliferation of information will allow (hint: information travels fast over the internet…very fast).


We hope you’ll join us on the journey to wrap our minds around the new face of SEO. Stay tuned with Got.Media for more on Enterprise SEO and what to expect in 2019, and as always, Thanks For Reading.


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