Your head might be swimming when you try to develop both yoru social media presence and your SEO. But truthfully, a lot of work you do in social media can directly affect your SEO. Take advantage of social media to also help your SEO and you be in business.


Here are some of those ideas for leveraging social media campaigns for SEO:


Focus on building local brand awareness through social media strategies designed for local search. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter make it easy for customers to check in and alert that they’re at your business. Create an on-demand geofilter on Snapchat using certain geographical parameters and dates to promote your brand. The filter can generate buzz and links tied to those geographical parameters. If you have a local event you want to attract your audience to, a Snapchat filter is an ideal strategy. Another approach is to use Quora to elevate your brand in search engines by answering industry questions that are submitted to this community forum social platform. For example, if you are in the jewelry industry and can answer questions about gemstones, facts about jewelry, and how to identify quality jewels, then you could post those responses on Quora community sites where those questions are asked and link back to a page on your site or to a blog post, creating the search engine connection.

Improve indexing by using direct link sources. Some social media sites encourage direct SEO links through the content that you post on your pages. Post relevant links to your site in your posts, and search engines will be attracted to these links, helping you with your SERPs.


Use reputation management campaigns to take advantage of the high domain authority of certain sites. Create profiles that build your brand while also including targeted keywords to improve your search engine rankings. This will create multiple opportunities for a search listing. The more search listings that come up for your brand, the better you’ll be at attracting the largest part of your audience and running a successful campaign


Leverage new social media content integration into Google and Bing results. Search engine snow put social media content into SERPs, providing more opportunities for social media content to increase ranking. Try campaigns that use business reviews, videos, and images to rank even higher. The inclusion of social sites into search engine results can help provide more exposure.


Utilize social paid search for link building. Your social media campaign strategy can include paid social ads that also help with your search engine ranking. Target people who will then link to you, like journalists and major publications, to build more links. While paid social ads can be costly, it’s shown to generate results that provide a great return with higher rankings, greater traffic, and more leads.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time it’s start to work on your SEO and social media. With a little strategy, the two can work together, getting you greater returns and giving you more time to work on other aspects of your business.