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Bloggers and social media influencers can be very efficient and bring huge value to your business. They can provide a better reputation, a bigger audience, and helpful exchanges of content, information, and other online value as your business grows. You may not realize it, but influencers are a fast way to scale and boost your SEO strategy. Working with these influencers can improve your rankings in search engines for the following reasons: Content visibility & inbound links: The more quality link...

At its core, SEO is about creating connections. Personal connections are what fuel growth – without them, there can be no traffic, leads, brand exposure, or sales. But before you can make connections with your audience, you have to define them. Persona profiling has been around for a long time, and helps map your audience to give you deeper insight into how to most effectively reach them. Without a clearly defined audience, you can’t create user-focused SEO strategies. In order to...