The Process

Plan + Approve + Execute + Track

Successful project management leads to higher ROI for our clients


Planning – We use project management tools such as Asana & JIRA to craft a holistic growth plan for our clients. We use industry tried and true methods, internal best practices, and insights from your analytics & data to create optimal plans.

A plan isn’t complete without customer input, so we work closely with the clients growth stakeholders to ensure every plan will be successful.

Get access to an asana campaign to track all of the tasks


Approval – After the planning phase comes approval, every plan is must be approved by the companies primary stakeholder on the contract to ensure we are working on tasks that will have real world impacts on your bottom line.

All approved monthly plans and adjustments are stored in your DAM folder for easy access in the future.


Work – Execution of the task list is probably the achillies heel of the SEO & growth industry. We believe in transparency since SEO is not some mysterious box of tricks. All project plans are visible to our clients, you can easily filter all completed tasks by date in your project folder to see our progress.

Our team works in unison towards one goal, conversions that matter to you!


Tracking the Results – Nothing is more important than measuring the progress of your growth through analytics and summaries. We provide various types of reports based on the selected plan.

Metrics are different for each company, some want SERP results, others want increases in total users while others focus on conversions. We tailor our reports to your goals.