The Deliverables

Content + Code + Compliance + Reports = Results

No smokescreens here, just tangible digital assets


Content – A catchall term for articles, evergreen pages, sales landing pages, social media graphics, share images, graphics, infographics, pdfs, and more.

We believe that a solid growth plan combines seo, compliance, and content. Not throwaway blog posts but userful content sprinkled with CTAs.

Get access to your DAM folder & better manage your assets


Code – Not everyone realizes that SEO isn’t just blog posts, here we also focus on UX, UI & the underlying code. Did you know that heading hierarchies matter or that javascripts in your head could be blocking your content from being visible
to search bots?

We did, and we work with your team to ensure your website is running smoothly both on the front end and back.


Compliance is crucial towards your success not just for growth & seo but your business too. We work with you to bring your website into compliance with Accessibility, Code, Performance and more.

Benchmarks and goals are set to keep any eye as they often fluctuate for a variety of reasons.


Reports are crucial to any operation and we are no different, Depending on your contract level, we provide monthly updates on delivered assets, content, and compliance statuses.

They can be found in your DAM folder for easy retrievability. What are your waiting for, get started with Got.Media today!