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  Your head might be swimming when you try to develop both yoru social media presence and your SEO. But truthfully, a lot of work you do in social media can directly affect your SEO. Take advantage of social media to also help your SEO and you be in business.   Here are some of those ideas for leveraging social media campaigns for SEO:   Focus on building local brand awareness through social media strategies designed for local search. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter...

If you are a local business your reliance on local customers is paramount, you need to keep an eye on what your local competitors are up to in the SEO world and beyond. A regular analysis can help you improve your own business and stay competitive.   Keywords Start with keywords. Make a list of your top three keywords and place them on a spreadsheet. Now, we’re going to search for these words in six different ways. Using a computer/laptop, search for your keywords...