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If you're trying to bring more customers to your storefront, SEO can help. By building a local search strategy, you can translate web traffic into physical traffic. It starts with an audit. You need to determine you current online presence and how well its serving you. Dive deep and figure out the following: Your organic search competitors What your searchers are looking for Where you’re showing up on the SERP If all the information listed is accurate Once you have this information,...

Think about your industry. There are likely some big names that come to mind that often lead the conversation in innovation, new strategies, and growth. In SEO and digital marketing, that might be Neil Patel or Search Engine Journal. Becoming a thought leader is great for boosting your brand and getting your name out there, but it can also be huge for SEO. And it's likewise hard to become a thought-leader without considering SEO in your online writing. They both compliment each other,...