5 Reasons Lawyers Need to Redo Their Websites

Feb 3, 2020

And How to Convince Them

If you’ve ever been on a typical law firm’s website, you understand how ill-served and outdated these websites tend to be. Lawyers think of their business as a largely face-to-face one, which means they spend more time picking out the waiting room furniture in their office than they do on online marketing. But in today’s tech-savvy, mobile world, that strategy is no longer working. And while you may understand that the strategy is no longer working, you may be struggling to convince prospective clients that they should hire you to change things. After all, change is uncomfortable, and lawyers are busy. But before you throw in the towel, consider these 5 reasons lawyers need to redo their websites, laid out in convincing language you can use to land your next gig.

1 – Attract Mobile Users

 More than half of all web traffic is mobile–a fact that Google has already figured out and adjusted its algorithms to account for. Older websites are rarely mobile optimized. This means that people who access the law firm sites from their cell phones may find the website difficult to navigate.

Additionally, because Google changed its algorithms to favor mobile-friendly websites, outdated pages may rank lower than those of competing law firms. While this won’t affect a law firm’s relationships with its current clients, it could dramatically impair their ability to attract new clients, especially ones who are searching frantically for a lawyer at a critical moment.

2 – Improve Local Searchability

Most lawyers practice locally–within a specific state, or even within a specific county or town. That’s why, for law firms, local search engine optimization is especially important. Revamping their website can allow them to rank for searchable terms such as “Divorce Lawyer in Orange County,” that people may be typing into search engines when they need a lawyer. Improving local searchability can put law firms ahead of local competition.

3 – Explain Niches

Not all lawyers specialize in all types of law. In fact, most lawyers practice a niche form of law. But while lawyers may understand exactly what types of clients they do and do not represent, clients themselves are often ignorant.

A revamped services page can allow law firms to lay out exactly what types of cases they take. They can not only use the technical, SEO-friendly terms for the types of law they practice, but they can also expand on that by listing the types of clients they take. This can save them time and energy by preventing them from meeting with or speaking with clients who aren’t a good fit for them.

4 – Portray Relevance

Modern internet users are wired to judge a business based on what their website looks like. A clunky, outdated website makes the law firm seem clunky and outdated as well. Especially for lawyers looking to attract younger clients, a clean, updated website shows that they know what they’re doing. It positions them as experts, not only in law but also in business.

If a potential client is comparing two otherwise similar law firms, the one with the cleaner, easier-to-navigate website is the one that will stand out. Subconsciously, clients will believe that the law firm with a better website has better attention-to-detail and is more likely to put together a winning case for them.

5 – Showcase Successes

One thing established law firms have that newer law firms don’t have is a proven track record of success. However, new clients don’t necessarily know the history behind a law firm. By revamping their site, older law firms have the opportunity to showcase their successful track record. They can show off their success statistics or even include testimonies from past clients.

Keep in mind that most people seeking a lawyer are feeling anxious and stressed out. Social proof can help these clients build trust with a law firm and feel better about their hiring decision. Law firms that can showcase successes can even charge clients more than firms that are just starting out. But to justify the higher price point, customers need to be able to see at a glance that the law firm is more experienced than a cheaper local alternative.

Approach Law Firms with Confidence

Once you understand the reasons law firms need a new website, it’s easier to approach them with confidence and a strong argument. Be friendly in your approach, and remember to stick to facts and figures. Lawyers are extremely busy, and they don’t have time for any extra fluff in their communications. If you’re reaching out via email, consider bullet points to help them scan the email quickly. If you’re reaching out by phone, make sure you ask if it’s a good time to talk, and then keep your speaking notes brief.