Accessibility & SEO, Why it Matters

Apr 9, 2019

In 2019, the landscape of seo is changing at a rapid pace led by an increase in information sharing from google, tools, machine learning, and other techniques. Search & AR also entering the field as a future way that may surpass other forms of search as technology adapts giving more uncertainty of what the future holds. However, all this uncertainty should not scare anyone away, in fact it should do the opposite.

Structure & Organization

Search is becoming more structured and organized around principles of marketing coupled with a better algorithm that can understand context and intent. For example, Accessibility in most circles is a term related to those who have disabilities or impairments that require assistance to have the same level of access or care as someone else. This has morphed into an adopted principle of web design and programming that is helping websites be accessible by everyone on any device, so not just those who need extra help.

Here are some of the current tests we run to ensure everyone can access and enjoy the content:

  • Color contrasts
  • Labels for assistive technologies
  • Easier more descriptive links/button names
  • Interactive controls & elements
  • HTML 5 key elements must be implemented
  • Skip links
  • Heading section
  • Language attribute

Some of these are code compliance issues as well, but these specifically along with many others are directly checked for conformance with accessibility issues. This ensures that someone who is color blind can see elements properly, special assistive browsers skip content that should not be read or followed, language translation is followed, and more.


Accessibility will be a key element in 2019 and beyond and code compliance not only for mobile and desktop search databases, but also for the new databases forming around augmented reality, virtual reality, voice, commerce and beyond. If you have an enterprise seo plan, you should make sure it includes code compliance, speed, and accessibility for your campaign.