Are Back-links Dead in 2019?

Sep 4, 2019

It has been a wonderful year of constant changes and improvements to search algorithms across the board, while some may be worried we are actually happy. The changes have brought lead generation through sem/seo to a higher plane using tried and true marketing tactics instead of manipulation of the system. With all these changes, one prediction I made is that back-links are now dead, there I said it, dead in 2019/2020.

But are they really?

No, but the old seo method of acquiring back-links and focusing on high DA vanity numbers is. If someone tells you back-link building still works, it would be by sheer volume and luck. Google’s algorithm is looking for traffic and relationships.

What this means is that you want to create seo campaigns with crafted content for a targeted website that will drive real convertible traffic through those 1-2 back-links in that article you just crafted. Now copy, paste, repeat over and over again. Unfortunately, this means more thought, writers, payments to higher valued websites with real traffic.

So back-links by themselves in un-related website content are worthless. We have websites with ZERO back-links and they have top 3 SERPs and traffic, so be wary if your main seo strategy is just back-links. SEO agencies are really a version of PR & marketing companies that focus on lead generation through optimizing code, content, and traffic. So my question to you, what are you getting right now with your SEO plan?

What you should focus on:

  1. Schema – the easy way to position zero and knowledge cards
  2. Speed – are you under 3 seconds fully loaded?
  3. Compliance – so much to unpack here, but let us bring you into compliance today
  4. Traffic Patterns – have you reviewed your CX lately?

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