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When it comes to search engine optimization, many webmasters often overlook the need to adapt their strategies. Unfortunately, since SEO continues to evolve, failing to adjust your digital marketing tactics when adjustments are needed will hurt your website's search engine rankings. For example, Google regularly makes changes to its search engine algorithm. Oftentimes, webmasters see less traffic after Google makes algorithm updates. That's why learning to adapt your digital marketing strategy is a critical component of good SEO. 1. Audience Interests...

And How to Convince Them If you've ever been on a typical law firm's website, you understand how ill-served and outdated these websites tend to be. Lawyers think of their business as a largely face-to-face one, which means they spend more time picking out the waiting room furniture in their office than they do on online marketing. But in today's tech-savvy, mobile world, that strategy is no longer working. And while you may understand that the strategy is no longer working,...