How to Improve the User Experience on Mobile Devices

Oct 1, 2019

Analytics have shown that more and more users are browsing the internet with their mobile devices. In fact, data shows that mobile users actually spend more time on your website once they get there – around 10% longer to be specific. As such, UX designers must constantly develop better features and components to improve the mobile browsing experience.


So then, how can you improve the user experience for mobile visitors to your site? 


3 Key Points to Work With


Usability, accessibility and pleasure are the three key factors that drive good user experiences. Create platforms with components that allow users to navigate with ease, while lowering user anxiety. Alerting users that their actions are being processed creates a less stressful user experience, so consider adding some feedback once they tap something successfully.


Many UX designers believe that animation is an important tool to use in the fight for better user experiences. Animation provides a fun factor and can go far in helping to build a recognizable brand. It also appeals to the generation of mobile users that prefer visuals over text. Bold palettes are a good choice as they can boost your brand by sticking out in users minds.


Easy Navigation


Recent trends argue that tab navigation is superior to the more common hamburger menus, so you may want to consider opting for that option. Not everyone will notice or even know what the lines in the hamburger menu are. Additionally, you can consider opting to use swiping features wherever possible as data shows that many users prefer to use the swiping motion instead of the tapping motion.


Focus on Personalization and Visual Content


Through personalization you can find out what customers want, then you can curate content and recommend products based on their personal preferences. Consider designing a home screen that is tailored to those needs by using a card based design.


Nowadays, card based design is popular on both desktop and mobile screens because it is big enough to provide easy scrolling and it successfully segments information in a concise way. Card design also appeals to users who are more inclined to pay attention to visuals instead of text.


Take Away


Make your UX design work for your business on mobile devices by keeping it fresh and dynamic. Cater to your audience by staying ahead of trends when it comes to your interface design on mobile devices. This approach will keep your audiences captivated and coming back for more.