Social Media: Three Tips to Provide the Best Customer Experience 

Aug 30, 2019

Social media is becoming the default way that customers and brands communicate with each other. Your business needs to focus the most attention on providing the best customer experience across the social media platforms you use. The following article will explore this subject in more detail by providing tips to keep your customers happy.


  1. Provide the best content


First things first, you want to provide the best social media content. The idea is you don’t want customers to only interact with you when they have had a bad experience. Instead, look to provide the best social media content that your customers will love.


The process to achieve this starts with getting to know your customers and learning what interests them. If your followers love what you post, then they may be willing to overlook a small negative story or event associated with your brand. Also, remember that users access social media for communication and engagement, not to be sold to.


  1. Interact with your followers


Brands shouldn’t be talking to themselves on social media, and you need to monitor what others are saying about your brand. If you are continually communicating with your followers, then customers will feel your brand has a human side. Remember customers may want to say great things about you as well as complain.


When you regularly ask questions, you give your fans an opportunity to say how much they enjoyed your product or service. Some brands love to share positive feedback on social media or post it on their website. Remember that you don’t want the only thing people see about your brand to be negative.


  1. Respond to complaints


It’s necessary to remember there can sometimes be a negative side, and customers love to complain on social media. The first thing is to be aware of these complaints, and this comes back to the social listening point from above. However, once you are aware it’s necessary to respond, and it’s essential to recognise that social media moves quickly.


When customers complain, they expect a response almost immediately, not something you address a day or two later. If you are quick you may still retain the customer and stop negative comments on your brand spreading. Also remember to try and address their specific concern in a human way, rather than running everything off a script.


Remember that social media is where brands and customers connect. Of course, this provides many opportunities to provide a positive customer experience, but there can be a negative side to this as well. To provide the best customer experience, remember to provide the best social media content, interact with your followers and respond to complaints as quickly as possible with a human side.