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Many are saying SEO is dead, but we at Got.Media beg to differ. In fact, we believe SEO is still one of the most important factors when it comes to the discussion about how to drive views and capture engagement. It’s so far from dead, in fact, that you should already have a plan in place for Enterprise SEO In 2019. Still don’t believe in SEO? That’s fine, there’s still plenty of time for us to change your mind. [caption id="attachment_7595"...

In today’s digital media marketing spaces, competitive use of SEO and competition for engagement are at an all-time high. Rankings for search engines, especially powerhouses like Google (whose search engine indexes over 30 trillion pages), are being dictated by not only quality (which is always King) but proper sitemap indexing and keyword tagging as well.   These criteria must be met precisely and repeatedly over time in order to drive engagement and improve visibility. In many cases, this is an incredibly...