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Including hashtags on your Instagram posts is a great way to increase engagement and reach new users. But how does it work? And what types of hashtags should you use? Become a #hashtag expert with this guide on all the latest tips and tricks on Instagram. So what exactly is a hashtag?It's a a word, phrase, or series of emojis preceded by the # symbol (e.g. #Throwback, #WorldCup) that categorizes content and make it more discoverable. Imagine the internet, or Instagram,...

If you use Google regularly (and who doesn't) you've likely noticed how they've started taking search results into their own hands. If you ask Google a question, a box pops up with the answer, then there's a list of sites. Looking for a flight? Google sends you to their flight data. Trying to find a local restaurant? Google will give you their info about it, plus reviews and a map view. Same thing for jobs, hotel deals, and more. While this...