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Ten Important Questions You Need to Ask to Qualify Your Sales LeadsĀ    Qualifying leads is one of the most difficult aspects of sales. It's also one of the most important things a salesperson must do. If you don't qualify leads, you will be forever chasing after prospects who are never going to buy from you. And, while you are wasting your time on the time wasters, you will be neglecting your real leads. Even so, you don't want to qualify your...

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool, but only if a business uses it in the right way. Businesses can use Twitter to create the personality behind their brand. It is also a good medium for providing customer support. Twitter is great for creating a buzz around a new product. However, since Twitter only offers you 280 characters per tweet, and tweets only have an average lifespan of 14 minutes, how can a business use such a restricted medium for marketing...