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Are back-links still needed? If it is just a back-link on a no-name website with no traffic then no. If its on an authoritative or high traffic site, then yes. Google just released new link attributes UGC & Sponsored that accompany nofollow now and they specifically called them "hints." I still stand behind my opinion that links are dead in and by themselves and that you should be building complete seo campaigns with off-site content that you pay, upload, or...

It has been a wonderful year of constant changes and improvements to search algorithms across the board, while some may be worried we are actually happy. The changes have brought lead generation through sem/seo to a higher plane using tried and true marketing tactics instead of manipulation of the system. With all these changes, one prediction I made is that back-links are now dead, there I said it, dead in 2019/2020. But are they really? No, but the old seo method of...